Peak Lifecycles HR offers a range of services that allow companies to adapt their human resources to rapid changes in their environment. We assist Pharma, health tech, food, the digital and global lifesciences market in high-profiles executives talent management (including recruitment).

An innovative approach

We believe that any approach to HR must be predicated on the concept of lifecycles, for optimal adaptation to the transformations undergone by Life Sciences companies, with the identification of new forms of expertise and the anticipation of future business models.

Executive Search

We identify and recruit those individuals whose skillsets are best suited to activities that are in a state of constant change. Candidates are assessed by two consultants according to an interview methodology that identifies those candidates who possess the requisite core skills.

  • Specific interview methodology (Lominger©)

  • Intercultural assessment

  • Candidates mapping

  • On boarding methodology

We Manage Talent

We assess “Potential vs. Talent” throughout a person’s career within the company

  • Global assessment

  • Leadership assessment

  • Individual and group training: recruitment-management

  • Internal & external pools of excellence

  • Premium integration methodology

Organizational Audit

We can rebuild HR in order to prepare an organization to attain maximum flexibility in its processes and operations.

  • Board effectiveness

  • Organisation agility audit

  • Annual appraisal audit

  • Business competences standards

  • Employer branding

Executive coaching

We partner with executives and teams in change management and leadership

  • Group coaching

  • Executive coaching Certifications:


   Clifton StrenghsFinder®


   Systemic approch Meta-system®

  • Leadership Coaching

Health-tech kits

We have designed specialized plans dedicated to Health-tech, plans that are inextricably linked with their specific lifecycles.

  • Starter kit

  • Consolidation kit

  • Strenthening kit


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